Things that surprised me during pregnancy:

1. How random things would hurt – like my knuckles because of water retention. I’d wake up unable to bend my fingers without some serious arthritic-like pain.

2. How high my belly got – my boobs were literally resting on it. I kind of miss that support.

3. How no strangers reached out to touch my belly (not that I minded, believe me).

4. How much I got my waddle on in the last trimester.

5. How much my husband loved me and found me beautiful.

6. How much Cambridge walked all over the baby in utero.

7. How giving people would be – family, friends, and co-workers alike blessed us with many gifts.

Things that surprised me after pregnancy:

1. How much I love my child and her father.

2. How I cry when I watch something on t.v. related to children – especially when they get hurt.

3. How my va-jey jey didn’t hurt afterwards. I thought it’d be murder for weeks, but I seriously have felt completely normal down there. Thank God for no tears.

4. How quickly I fit back into my jeans (I wore my size 6 yesterday! Oh yeah!).

5. How many other people find Claire adorable (it’s not just us who think so!).

6. How much I stare at Claire’s lovely little face. It’s an addiction.

7. How giving people have been. Friends and folks from our church have been bringing us dinners almost every other night, which has been a fabulous help. We haven’t had to go to the grocery store once since Claire was born 2 weeks ago (thanks to my Mom who stocked us up) and to all these dinners coming in. We feel so blessed and supported right now; we’re truly grateful.