Yesterday we drove Grandma back to the airport. It was a tearful event because she, of course, is smitten with her granddaughter and didn’t want to leave her. We’re grateful for the time she spent with us – she cleaned our home, did laundry every day, ran the dishwasher constantly, and provided us with lots of good meals and groceries. On top of that, she brought an entire suitcase full of clothes for Claire (the child officially has more of a wardrobe that I ever will), and a generous gift that will help us buy a breast pump and something else we deem necessary (my vote is a camcorder; Huz really wants a jogging stroller).

Can’t you just feel the Grandma love?

Grandma Love

After we got back from our trip to the airport we had lunch and embarked on our first family outing in the neighborhood. Claire rode in her stroller for the first time as we walked 2 blocks down the street to a church that is selling pumpkins. It was a lovely and cool (thank God) Fall stroll.

First Big Adventure: Walked 2 blocks and bought some pumpkins

We picked up three pumpkins and then had a family photo shoot outside.

First Big Adventure: Walked 2 blocks and bought some pumpkins

Then Huz and Claire had a conversation while I went for a nap.


They decided my nap idea was a good one.

Dad and Claire - Fast Asleep

Today was also one of firsts for Claire. We gave her her first sponge bath and she did great.

DSC_0044First Sponge BathFirst Sponge Bath

Finally, since I shared all my belly shots with you week by week, here’s the last one for you (40 weeks). I don’t think I look too shabby all things considered (already down 14 pounds, yes!). I have a nice little road map of pink stretch marks, but hopefully they’ll go away soon.

40 Weeks40 Weeks

Claire continues to be a joy. We’re so blessed to have her.