Until Mom finds some energy to talk to you all, Daddy Tmlens will continue to inundate you with pictures. We’re working hard to fill up the flickr account with the new “Claire Bear” set – soon the embarrassingly huge cat set will seem like small potatoes.

So we came home yesterday, Monday, in the afternoon, just in time to hit the beginnings of rush hour traffic – the joys of hospital administration being what it is, most of Monday was a “hurry up and wait” kind of scenario.

But that’s ok, because we have this new baby and all to occupy our time, and let me just go ahead and tell you now – if you don’t have kids, what on earth are you thinking? This is so much fun! Sure, there’s the whole sleep deprivation thing, and changing diapers thing, and figuring out how to soothe crying baby thing, but honestly, that’s nothing compared to seeing this beautiful little person you created sleeping in your arms, or looking back at you. Especially when, just for a second, and though it’s still neurologically impossible, she meets your eyes and somewhere deep inside smiles at you in a way that only you can see. Everything in your life ceases except for that moment of pure love.

You have to get in on this.

Anyway, until Victoria finds time, I’ll pass along the best of the best pictures. We’re all well here at chez Tmlens, Claire is more alert and happy every day, nursing is going swimmingly, and VW is just clearly a fantastic mom. She’s healing well, feeling great, and looking beautiful. And grandma Winters is in town to provide the help that only grandma can.

Gotta go, I miss my baby. ‘Til next time.

The Huz

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