After a long day at work yesterday (I’m now training someone to cover for me on top of being wicked busy at work as it is), I came home absolutely wiped out. I laid down for a little while and then Huz helped me make fish tacos (it was my turn to cook, but I was dead tired) and we ate. Then, what should have been a relaxing evening in front of Tivo, turned into a 2 hour painful experience. I had really bad cramps (mostly in the front, but my back hurt this time – a classic labor sign) and lots of tightening of the uterus. Oh boy, I thought, here we go. Here I’ve been begging Cletus for a few days to come out and now she’s listening. The pain was so noticeable that Huz got out the stop watch and we started timing them. They were 5 minutes apart, 6 minutes apart, 4 minutes apart, etc. with varying lengths (2 minutes long, 1 minute and a half long). So there was no real pattern to them. I kept drinking tons of water (and peed a bazillion times) but the pain didn’t really let up. I finally fell asleep, though, so obviously they stopped and no baby came out. It was both scary and exciting. I just hope all that cramping at least changed my cervix a little bit more; I’ll find out on Thursday.

I can’t believe this is my body. It’s ginormous!

38 weeks