My Friday was great. First, today ended an 8 week course I’ve been running and the three course directors sent me a dozen roses to thank me for my work – how sweet is that? Then, my office threw me a baby shower and I’m floored by their generosity, especially considering that I’ve only worked there for two months. The same directors who bought me roses gave me a lovely gift for the shower – tons of bath toys, a frog bath toy holder, a bath towel and wash cloth set, AND a baby swing! Others got me baby books, baby toys, a few outfits, a diaper bag packed full of goodies (like a crib sheet – can’t have too many of those, a diaper pad cover, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, a baby first aid kit, and organic household cleaners – they were so thoughtful on that one because none of them care about that, but know that I do).

I’m grateful that I got this new position in such a cool office. I’m all smiles over here today!

My midwife appointment went really well. I’m still effaced (though this midwife gave me a different number – 50-60%, saying it’s a subjective measurement) and dilated at a definite 2 cm. The biggest change is the baby’s head position. It was a +3 before and is now a +1. She palpated my abdomen and said the head wasn’t moving and was quite far down, so she’s in position (which explains all that pelvic pain!). Still no way to know if she’ll come early, right on time, or late, but it’s getting pretty exciting to know that she really could come any day. It’s all so surreal to me. My continual prayer is that she will be a happy, joyous child who loves and thinks about others, and that God will help us to love and raise her to the best of our ability.