Huz’s friend and colleague emailed him this jewel (which he titled “Your Future”) at 3:00 this morning:

“For the past 20 minutes I’ve been cleaning poop off the toilet, off the
floor, off a mattress, and off my four-year-old. ((-:

That’s mostly what parenting is, I think, figuring out where the shit
is, and then cleaning it up.”

So, this is our future, huh? Niiiiice.

I see the midwife this afternoon; we’ll see if any thing’s changed in the dilation/effacement department. I’ve had more cramps and Braxton Hicks all week, but my pelvis has felt better. I really don’t know if she’s dropped yet, so I’ll ask about that too. Stubborn girl Cletus* (who always rolls around and kicks until I put Huz’s hand on her) will probably stay in there until November (I hope not!).

*We’ve officially decided on a name and I’ve nearly slipped saying it out loud on the phone to my Mom and to a bunch of friends at a party last weekend. Yikes!