I’m currently looking at my husband’s ass through the window as he bends over weeding around a tree. It’s uber sexy.

Today is the first official day of fall and it’s going to be 92 degrees. This makes me want to vomit.

I can’t find any pants or shorts that are comfortable today, so I’m wearing a skimpy pair of cotton gym shorts. I can’t go out like this – way too indecent.

I found a red streak on the back of my thigh. Is it a hickey from the chair at the coffee shop yesterday or a blood clot? Yikes. No pain or swelling, so I’m going with a hickey.

Huz begins his first of five grueling qualifying exams tomorrow – a 6 hour written exam. Pray for him. I’m making him a good dinner tonight (pretzel-crusted pork chops with an orange mustard sauce, roasted potatoes and green beans) and making him stop studying early so he can relax before this big exam.

I’m feeling huge. Up 24 pounds so far (3 lbs in 2 weeks!? No more chocolate cake, Victoria!!).

Also, my finger joints are KILLING me when I wake up. I’ve done some research and have found that it’s water retention in the joints. Seriously, people. 31 is too young for arthritis! Let’s hope this goes away (like all my other issues) at birth!