That was a great quote by Anthony Bourdain last night on Top Chef. I’m totally going to use it in random conversations: “Yeah, the pregnancy is going well and work is good, albeit busy and at times has the texture of a doll’s head, but, you know, it’s to be expected.”

Nothing much to report, friends. I haven’t taken a picture of my fur kids in the baby sling yet, but will. (Must keep the people happy after all.) The last two days in Nashville have seen a reprieve in the heat wave and I’m SO happy about it! We’ve actually had our windows open at home for TWO WHOLE DAYS. The cats are in hog heaven and so am I. The only thing is that I don’t have any long-sleeved maternity clothes, but, a.) I’ve only got 6 more weeks and b.) it likely won’t get COLD anytime soon, so I’m not even going to THINK about buying more fat people maternity clothes.

Um, what else? I love my husband. He’s gone through a tough few months of feverishly studying for his final qualifying exams and teaching himself German mixed with some frustrations this past week. But he keeps moving onward and keeps himself motivated. I’m so impressed and amazed by him, especially since he hasn’t once faltered in loving and taking care of me. I am truly blessed. I love you, babe and I’m your number one fan!

I hate that I never have plans on the weekends anymore (and poor Huz is swamped in studies since his exams are quickly approaching, so I’m on my own). Anyone want to run errands with me on Saturday? I have to drive up to Madison to the damn furniture store to pay them to deliver that last dresser for the nursery (they say they are “protecting the customer” by not allowing me to do this over the phone, despite the fact that they already have my credit card on file. Whatever.), go to the Saturn dealership to get Huz’s keyless entry fixed (new battery didn’t fix the fact that he can’t open the door anymore), and see what I can buy with a $25 gift certificate at Babies R Us.

Ho hum. Tis my life.