There seem to be a lot of you who think that because you are pregnant you can’t get your hair done. I think this is a remnant of how harsh chemicals were in our mothers’ days. Every book I’ve read says it’s fine, as long as it’s after the first trimester.

What to Expect says this:

“Highlights are considered safe by most practitioners since the product isn’t applied as close to the scalp; so are milder color treatments (all-vegetable dyes, or no-ammonia blends), so chances are you’ll be able to hide that gray or bring out (or create) those gold tones with no problem.”

The key is highlighting versus full-on coloring. This is because much less will actually touch your scalp and risk being absorbed into the blood stream. (And I chose an Aveda Salon to fix it because their products are 97% natural.)

I say this:

“If I feel better about myself, I’m a happier person. If I’m a happier person, so is Huz and so is Cletus. The End.”