So, get this, I hadn’t heard back from the hair salon for several days concerning my messed up highlights and called again yesterday to see what they could offer me since I had to pay someone else to fix their mistake (especially since they weren’t willing to fit me in to fix it for four whole days). They called back and wanted me to come in at 4:45 to sit down for a MEETING with THREE people. Good grief. You’d think I was trying to broker a huge deal or asking for some huge thing. Which I wasn’t. I simply stated my dissatisfaction. So, I went. They said my hair wasn’t damaged – not that that was the point – the point was that I was out $200 because of them. So, they said they’d give me a gift certificate for a hair conditioning. I was pissed, thinking that wasn’t much to shake a stick at, but shrugged and said, “Look, I’m not trying to be a hard ass or a bitch, so do what you think is fair.” They responded, “Well, since you’ve been so nice about it, we’ll give you a certificate for a free hair cut.” Cool. I know that’s at least a $60 value, so I’m happy with it. Best thing is? It doesn’t have an expiration date, so I can do it whenever I please (probably when I’m feeling like a frumpy, spit-up on mom).