A: Even though I had a free hair cut to look forward to (read: $60 I didn’t have to spend), I still spent $90 and cried when I got home. The hairdresser was running 40 minutes behind schedule, causing me to be the last customer there at 8:00 on a Friday night (that’s WAY too late for a preggo with gestational diabetes to eat dinner, folks). THEN the lady over-processed my hair so my highlights really looked like a solid coloring. I left looking like a cousin of Marilyn Monroe. Umm, platinum wasn’t exactly what I was going for – especially because my typically red face is even more tomato-like with the billions of pregnancy hormones coursing through my veins. I looked awful!

Exhibit A

Hate the Marilyn Monroe look on me
Hate the Marilyn Monroe look on me

When I called the next day to schedule an appointment to get it fixed, they claimed that she was booked and couldn’t see me until Tuesday – at 12:30 – when I have a meeting at work. Let’s see, that’s Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (4 days) walking around feeling ridiculous. I don’t think so. My only choice, I felt, was to call another salon that have done great highlights on me before and spend another $100 getting it fixed. This girl put lowlights in and then toned the platinum pieces out, bringing me back to essentially how I started the whole damn process. I wasn’t happy again and went home and cried.

Exhibit B

Not sure about the new highlightsNot sure about the new highlights

My woeful weekend did get better. How? Huz took me out on an all day date Sunday. First we went to my favorite place for breakfast. I had Mighty Leaf breakfast tea, 2 eggs sunny side up on a slice of organic toast with apple smoked bacon and spinach bechemel sauce, and we shared a slice of organic walnut bread covered with sliced peaches, ricotta cheese, and honey. Then we went to see Ratatouille, which was cute, and then acted like kids and went to an arcade where I got to see how my Ski Ball skills fared after lying dormant for nearly 20 years (verdict: I’m better than Huz!). I also enjoyed the motorcycle video game because I got to ride a bike and lean with each turn – I enjoyed screaming whenever I hit another car, pedestrian, or building (which was a lot, people!). It was a great day together and I’m so grateful he got me out of the house so I could think about something other than my damn hair. I’m happy to report, however, that today my new high(low)lights are growing on me. Perhaps the darker look is actually better for my red-toned face after all.

Exhibit C

New highlights are growing on meNew highlights are growing on me

And even though I was just sick over how much money I spent on my hair, there’s nothing that cures the blues more than a little shopping. I found a great deal on this buttery soft leather handbag at Macy’s today (half off). Nice!

Luscious new leather handbag!

And some nice pj’s so I don’t have to go to bed in a tank top that only comes half-way down my belly. I can wear these now, during nursing, and when I’m in my normal-sized body too. Cool!

New robe and pjs (that look like dresses)!