1. Buying loads of things at Target with all the gift certificates we received from our first shower. I picked up a lamp base (to go with the red shade my Mom bought last weekend), a Boppy pillow, a play gym, a Diaper Champ, a changing pad, etc. etc.

2. Clipping all the tags off of Cletus’ clothes and starting to wash them all.

3. Continuing to do water aerobics at least once a week and attending a fun pre-natal yoga class last weekend. (Someone buy my Mom a digital camera! Her old school 35mm sucks.)

Pre-Natal Yoga ClassMe in Yoga Class

4. Napping whenever I can (which is hardly ever, I’m afraid) and enduring Ms. Personal Space Disrespecter every time.


5. Asking Santa for a baby.

Santa, Can I have a baby for Christmas?

6. Opening presents.


Getting expert opinions on them.


Modeling them.

Baby Bjorn and Sling Models

Liking them.


7. Growing! (But, strangely, I haven’t gained any weight in 5 weeks. I’m up 18 pounds so far and I guess everything I eat goes to her. Cool by me.)