I’m so grateful for my Mom. Huz and I had a lovely weekend visiting with her. She took good care of me (getting pedicures together, buying her granddaughter things, making me rest, etc.) and helping us get some things done so that nesting could begin (including buying a matching dresser to the one we purchased on Saturday so now Cletus’s room will actually MATCH. Wow.). The low dresser that will also serve as her changing station arrived yesterday and already makes the room look so much better. The taller dresser (that my Mom bought) will arrive in probably 4 weeks or so. I’ll take pictures after I finish up the final decorations of the room for your viewing enjoyment.

I’m so grateful for my friends. They threw us a lovely shower on Sunday, making us both feel blessed and honored to be surrounded by a loving, giving community. The three couples who organized the shower went in on a gift that Huz was very excited about. Now he’ll sport Cletus in S.T.Y.L.E. Another gift of note was a handmade growth chart that my lovely friend painted herself (I’ll post pictures once it’s hung in the nursery). Finally, another friend researched unique gift ideas and gave it to us at the end of the shower. It was a photo book filled with pictures from the party and with birthday greetings from all of the guests to Cletus through her 15th birthday. Huz and I both cried. It was so touching and reality-invoking: we’re having a child; a child who will grow up and become a teenager and then an adult. The responsibility is heavy, but thrilling.

Mmm. Baby food tastes good (not).


My Mommy


My prayer for my baby girl is simple: I pray that she’ll be a happy, joyful person who loves others and is loved in return. Amen.