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I remember I was once asked by a British friend of mine what brand of makeup I used and I told her, “oh, all sorts” to which she said, “I’ve never heard of that kind before.”

Skin Care
A friend sells Arbonne, so I bought some for my birthday last year. I loved the cleanser, balancing toner, and serum , but they are too expensive for me. I’m currently trying Cetaphil and am still trying to use up some Clinique moisturizer I’ve had for a few years (who knew it would last so long!).

I can’t live without this mascara or this eyeliner (which I have found to be the softest, most easy to apply and that stays all day). I only have one eyeshadow by Clinique (Lucky Penny), but I really like it because it stays put and has a nice shimmer, plus you can’t beat MAC’s eye shadows for depth of color and longevity.

I’m not a lipstick wearer because Huz won’t kiss me when I wear it and it’s just too dolled up for my tastes, but I do have one by MAC that’s really nice.

Right now I’m using this body butter for my expanding belly (I know you can’t prevent stretch marks with creams because it’s all in the genes, but this helps moisturize and prevent itching – plus, you never know if it’ll dissuade stretch marks so you might as well try, right?) and I use this lotion for the rest of me.

What do you use and recommend?

[I forgot to mention foundation. I use MAC’s liquid with 15 SPF.]