Sorry I’ve been silencio of late. I cannot tell you just how busy I am at my new job. The other day I wasn’t able to check my personal email until 4:25p.m.! Good grief. It’s such a better job for me, but right now I’m in this temporary office (still no phone) and the a/c is paltry at best, and I’m right next to some major (read: loud) construction. I run up and down the stairs at least a dozen times a day and I have averaged at least one 2-hour meeting every day for the last two weeks. It’s been insane.

I went to the follow-up endocrinologist appointment on Wednesday and the Dr. was pleased with my blood sugar levels with my new diet. So that’s good – means no drugs for me. And I’m down to taking my levels four times a day instead of six. Only problem is? Yesterday I got some really high levels and it wasn’t due to diet, because I haven’t changed anything. I went home last night after work (skipped water aerobics) and was all flushed (read: beet red in the cheeks) and exhausted. I was in bed from 5:00 – 8:00 and forced myself to get up to eat a little something and spend some time with Huz (which resulted in me sitting next to him watching TV while he read a book – oh well). I called the Dr. this morning to tell her about all of this and she hasn’t called back yet, but the nurse thinks (as do I) that my blood sugars are out of whack due to all of the stress at the new job, plus some overheating and dehydration (yesterday was the third day in a row with 3-digit temperatures in Nashville and I had walked several blocks with a co-worker in the heat to buy my new Palm Treo for work*).

I tried to work today, but left after only two hours because of the construction noise, the hot office, and the tears that wouldn’t stop rolling down my face. I had just had enough. So now I’m at home – working a little, drinking and chilling out a lot.

Here’s to a cooler future!