No, this has nothing to do with the book, or spoilers, or anything. I’m in my new position, which is great, but for the next 2-3 weeks I’m in a temporary office – i.e., the copy room closet. Seriously. And there’s construction just behind the wall I’m facing at the tiny desk. (Hammer, hammer. Drill, drill. Loud men talking and dropping things.) I have no phone. But, thank God, I have a computer now and can finally print. That’s something. To my immediate right is an abandoned computer and printer that I don’t use and to my immediate left is a dolly and cardboard boxes. I have no trashcan so I’m using a grocery bag. I will have a real office, just as soon as the construction is finished and the woman who’s office I’m taking moves into the new space. I can’t wait. So, call me Harry Potter in my broom closet for now.

I have my endocrinologist appointment in a half an hour. I hope it goes well and that she begins me on a diet right away to take care of this (my fear is that I’ll have to make yet ANOTHER appointment with a dietitian, but we’ll see).

That’s it for now, my pretties.