Friday: Got job offer and celebrated that evening by going to dinner and a movie with Huz. Damn, those 3 sips of mojito were good! And, if you haven’t seen it yet, get thee out there and watch this movie. It is by far the best of all HP films so far. So good!

Saturday: Hung out a local coffee shop with friends for a few hours; went to see if we could find an antique dresser for Cletus (we didn’t – found old crock to keep kitchen utensils in instead); went to the brewery shop for Huz (who is finally finding the time to make another 5 gallon batch of brew); lazed around while Huz finished the bathroom (caulked, baseboards installed, touched up paint – he’s a rock star).

Sunday: Went to church; finally unpacked the final 2 boxes in the study and filed paperwork that had been neglected for 6 months while Huz mowed the lawn. My back hurt from lifting and organizing all afternoon, but it’s worth it. The room is livable again.

This morning: Drank a bottle of nasty sweet glucose stuff on way to my midwife appointment; heard Cletus’ heartbeat; got my fundus measured; got my blood drawn (scheduled check for gestational diabetes – will know results sometime this week); found out that I have indeed gained a pound a week over the last 6 weeks (OMG!!). Scary thing is? I have 15 weeks to go. That means 15 more pounds!

(For those you who miss that pregnancy ticker I had on the top of my page, I moved it to the very bottom because it was kind of obnoxious. But, it’s still funny to read.)