I’m really grumpy this morning. Like I said before, it’s getting more difficult to get out of bed (both because of my vastness and because it’s just too damn early). When the alarm so rudely bleated like a goat in my ear at 6:00 this morning, it was particularly difficult, namely, because I was still dreaming when it went off. And what an interesting dream it was – clearly I watch too much t.v. because it was all a result of shows I’ve recently seen. Huz and I were in some random diner (I think in Nashville because it felt Southern) and were dancing (clearly inspired by this). Rico (from this) comes in and starts dancing with me, showing me some new moves and tells me that my hair smells good. Then Huz and I go up to the counter and order a piece of their most expensive pie – $12 a slice for deep fried key lime pie (I guess from this and very strange, huh?). Anyway, it was a tough one to wake up from. Blah.

I do have some good news, though. I just got an official offer for a new position and I’m very excited! Finally! Someone recognizes that I have more to offer and deserve more dough (not much more, but more). Yippee! I start in 2 weeks and will have LOTS to learn in the 3 months before leaving for a 2 month maternity leave. Wish me luck!

Our plans this weekend? Sleep in, finish the bathroom (install new toilet handle – brushed nickle to match sink faucets, caulk around bathtub, install shoe board on the baseboards), water the trees, visit antique shops to find a dresser for the nursery, see Harry Potter on Sunday, and, ultimately, chill. Can’t wait. What are you up to?