Okay, kids, it’s picture time!

As I previously mentioned, I had to go back to the opthalmologist to get my eye checked on after that floater scare (um, anyone else tremble at the words “retinal detachment?” Yeah, me too.). Huz refused to look at me all through dinner and the rest of the evening. Would you avoid this lovely gaze too?

Monster Eyes

That’s not so bad, is it?

Monster Eyes

Whoa. I guess it is. Sorry. You can call your screaming children back to the computer now if you promise never to show them the Scary Monster-Eyed Lady again (and give them a cookie as an extra bonus).

Here are our lovely new trees. They adorn our previously barren front yard quite nicely (apparently the guy who owned the house before us got a divorce and retaliated, or coped, or whatever, by tearing up all the landscaping in the front yard which has forced us to buy 5 bushes and 2 trees so far. What an idiot!). Here’s the Maple – Cambridge and Neville named him Marty. (I love being able to blame my anthropomorphism on the children. Actually? In all honesty? It was Huz’s idea to name them! ha! Take that Zebra Theologian! You’re weird just like me!)

DSC_0023Marty the Maple

Here’s Rosie the Red Bud (kinda Charlie Brown at this point, what with her sideways lean, but she’ll straighten out as she grows).

Rosie the RedbudRosie the Redbud

Here’s a Clematis we planted a few weeks ago to cover the God-awful turquoise* trellis in front of our house (we’ll eventually repaint all the turquoise accents black which, unfortunately for us, includes the shutters, garage door, trellis, and the trim on the roof ALL.AROUND.THE.ENTIRE.HOUSE. Turquoise? Really? Was that the best option? I don’t think so.).


*And you wondered why I haven’t shown you pictures of the front of our house!

We’ve been working on finishing up our bathroom this weekend. The tile is all finished of course, thanks to my Huzeriffic Handyman, but we’ve left the painting of the baseboards and doors and caulking around the tub for later. And it’s much later now. I’m itching to get all of these little projects done – actually they bother me like a rusty nail in the bottom of my foot. Is this called nesting? Here’s our tiny, spa-like bathroom (with a before shot thrown in for good measure).


bathroom - small, needs repainting, and retiling


Our spa-like bathroom

Ooh, ahh. The tile that my Huz laid.

Our spa-like bathroomOur spa-like bathroom

The sexy new sink (and faucet) that my Huz put in.

Our spa-like bathroomOur spa-like bathroom

I couldn’t share pictures without giving you a belly shot, now could I? This is last weekend (the last day of my 22nd week) on the way to a friend’s birthday party.

22 Weeks22 Weeks

Of course I have more photos to share (namely, some of the cutest sleeping cat pictures EVER), but I’ll spare you (and the screen length of this post) for now and will do those later.