1. We’ve got two trees! We’ve got two trees! The red maple and red bud are great additions to our previously blank slate of a front yard and I look forward to their lovely colors in both fall and spring, as well as the welcome shade this summer. I don’t believe in talking to plants, but I welcomed them both to their new home and stroked their trunks, telling them to grow and be strong. I must research how much water newly-planted trees need so that we take extra good care of our investment (which they were, by the way. 12 foot maples don’t come cheap!) The cats seem pleased to have something to look at in the front yard other than grass and the occasional bird. I’ll get a small bird feeder for the maple soon to add to their viewing enjoyment.

2. I know you’re dying to know this…and so I will tell you. Ever since about week 12 of my pregnancy coffee has been a miracle drug for the ol’ digestive track. About half way through my morning mug I have to go to the potty. How nice that is for Ms. Constipated Pretty Much All The Time!

3. I’ve received some rude awakenings these past two mornings. See, I’ve become quite the snooze button hitter in my old age, so my 6:00 wake-up call gets postponed to 6:20 or 6:30 most mornings. And apparently my kids don’t like this so they are all now equal and eager participants of the Get Mom Outta Bed And Stop That Annoying Beeping Sound gang (wonder what their secret handshake is?). Yesterday, after about 15 minutes of snoozing, Cletus started kicking me incessantly in my side while Neville jumped up on my side of the bed and began to lick and bite my elbow profusely. Nice. Then this morning Cletus started at it again while Cambridge (innocent little thing that she is) climbed up onto my left ribcage and began to knead my ribs like Play-Doh. I know this sounds adorable, and it is, but her tiny little feet feel like an octopus in stilettos on my ribs, people. Not very pleasant to wake up to! My white flag is up: Alright, alright! I’m awake you damn kids! (I really love them all; you know that and so do they.)