So we’re back from our whirlwind trip to Colorado and man, oh, man am I tired. Do you know how tiring it is having a party one day and then visiting FIVE households the next day (plus going to 2 stores to return stuff)? Very tiring – at least for this preggo girl. But, it was a great time. I haven’t had a chance to upload pictures from the shower yet, but will. Then I’ll share some of the highlights and best gifts with you.

Until then, I leave you with an incident from last night.

Huz and I fell into bed exhausted from our trip and after settling in and getting comfortable it happened. What happened, you ask? IT. The seeing stars and laughing so hard I almost needed my inhaler happened. See, lately I’ve been sleeping on my side because sleeping on the back is a no-no, but last night I tried my stomach (because I still can, sort of). So I settled in and got comfy when all of a sudden Huz’s hand landed on my ass. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem but I knew we were both way too tired for any non-sleep-related activity. So, I inquired.

Me: “Um? What are you doing?”

Him: Innocently – “I’m saying goodnight to Cletus.”

Oh my God the laughter. I almost died. He seriously thought my ASS was my GUT! Now THAT tells you something folks. My gut is as bulbous as my ass. It’s official. I’m pregnant.