1. My husband. It sounds cheesy, but he’s really been great lately. He’s extremely supportive, loving, and kind; I know he’s going to be a great father with these traits. This Sunday is Father’s Day and I plan on making him a dinner that I chose especially for him (I wouldn’t say anything about it beforehand, but he saw the recipes I had accidentally left out, so the surprise factor is gone.)

2. The color we chose to paint the nursery this weekend. I’m going to pick it up after work from Sherwin-Williams. Check it out here and search for “Gleeful.” The name says it all!

3. Friends who invite us to do things with them. We had a fun pool party last weekend (previous post) and are going to a Nashville Sounds game tomorrow night with others. I love you guys!


In the office

1. When I go into the office bathroom and suffocate on all the Lysol spray fumes. I’d rather smell shit than shit and fake roses any day!

2. When I have to wipe the seat before using it because the person before me tinkled on it. Hygiene, ladies! Hygiene!

3. When some guy in the men’s bathroom flushes and immediately opens the door, filling the entire suite with the oh so professional sound of water rushing down the pipes. Lovely.

On the road

1. Whenever a good ol’ boy in a beat up Chevy, Dodge, or Ford pickup gets in front of me and drives 10 miles below the speed limit. It ain’t Sunday, buddy! I gotta get to work!

2. When I have to pee really badly (which seems like every day) and I’m stuck in traffic.

3. Pretty much everyone because they drive like idiots. (Huz says that Cletus is going to be born with an automatic frustration at 7:30a.m. and 5:00p.m. because of my road rage.)