Before I tell you the gender, I must say that 1) I was wrong about what I thought I was having and 2) how incredibly cool the ultrasound was yesterday. The tech took about 45 minutes exploring every little limb (all accounted for), both little hands that moved about feverishly – opening and closing – being pushed and pulled from mouth to ears (already our little one is saying, “I can’t hear you!“), the little curled up legs (so modest), the tiny feet kicking around (which I’m amazed I still can’t feel), the heart (all four chambers there and working great – heartbeat 151), the stomach, the kidneys, the skull…everything. We got a bunch of photos from it (I’ll scan and post later) and a video of the whole thing. We saw all of our little baby (6 inches crown to rump and 11 oz.), including the crotch area which revealed that we’re having a….

…For fun, I tried various old wives’ tale methods to try and discover the gender over the last few weeks. You know, the wedding ring on a string over the belly (circle = girl, straight line = boy); a friend from work did the pencil on a string over my wrist (circle = girl, straight line = boy); I noted where hair was newly sprouting and with what frequency (faster growing leg hair is supposed to be a boy); I noted my chest and neck breaking out in acne (the jury is out on what this is supposed to produce); and I noted my morning sickness in the first trimester (feeling sick but not tossing your cookies I’ve heard is primarily an indicator of a boy), etc. I was even asked by colleagues which direction I sleep in my bed (head to the north is apparently supposed to be a boy and south a girl – what about east and west!?), to show them my hands (if I offered them palm up it’s a girl, palm down a boy), if my hands were itching or not, etc. etc. It was all fun and games, but because of the rather consistent results and the feeling I got upon finding out we conceived, I was convinced I knew what it was…

(I’ll be nice and let you know now. You’ve been patient.)

I thought all along that it was a boy. But it’s a girl! And I have to admit that I am so excited because I secretly wanted a girl. I practically helped raise my two little sisters so all I know are girls; not that having a boy would be any less awesome, but I’m really excited that we’re having a baby girl. Now on to the name list! (It’ll be a secret until she’s born, by the way.)

Girls Rule!

p.s. I just found out that one of my photos taken at the women’s shelter got put on their website header (the one on the far right). Awesome!