I have the coolest Mom ever.

Look at the menu she wrote up for my upcoming baby shower. I’m so excited (and hungry)!

~Bittersweet chocolate-orange fondue w/ pound cake, strawberries, dried apricots, pear
~Mini scones w/ devonshire cream and lemon curd
~Almond macaroons

~Caramelized & spiced mixed nuts

Salad type stuff
~Tomato, basil & mozzarella plate
~Cherry tomatoes stuffed with crab

Tea sandwiches
~Little cream puffs filled with creamy chicken-cucumber
~Little cream puffs filled with smoked turkey w/ cranberries
~Crescent roll pinwheels with ham & swiss cheese
~Pumpernickel with smoked salmon-wasabi
~Brown bread triangles with Grandma’s cucumber
~White bread circles with Buckingham Palace garden party cucumber
~Raisin bread triangles with walnut cream
~Nut bread triangles with black olive and sprouts
~Tomato herb bread triangles with olive-ricotta spread w/ capacolla, bresaola, salami, & soppresata

~Mint iced tea
~Lemonade made with sparkling water

Don’t you want to come to the shower!? I do!!