I’ve been itching to be creative lately.

I want to do photography and the darkroom again (I dropped that lame community college class last semester because I was there for a month and hadn’t developed one stinking print yet – boring!).

I want to make handmade soap again (but is using sodium hydroxide safe during pregnancy? I would mix it outside so the fumes wouldn’t be too bad and I always wear elbow-high gloves and safety goggles. I’ve emailed my midwife to see if she can tell me.).

I want to create art (I recently saw a painting from afar that reminded me of the womb, which made me want to get out the glue and tissue paper to form a texturized, pink womb with some kind or representation of life inside. This is not a medium I’m used to – multi-media painting – but it was very exciting to me at the time I was envisioning it.).

I want to make jewelry again – beaded earrings and necklaces, silver rings, etc. I just need a lab to make rings because I need a hammer, a ring sizer, a metal cutter, and a soldering iron! Drat.

I have been itching to create my own bumper stickers ever since I got pregnant. The first would be: “Baby in Utero” instead of “Baby on Board.” Another would be: “Get outta my way – pregnant and hungry!” or “Move it! I’m pregnant and gotta GOOOOO!”

I want to learn how to silk screen my own t-shirts and bags. I’ve seen the “Coming This Spring” maternity t-shirts but no “Coming This Fall” ones, so I want to make my own. [Found this which will help me out.]

I want to make my own (or find one) rubber stamp with a bird on a line because a bird on a line makes me smile. I’d make my own stationary and greeting cards with a bird on a line. Isn’t that happy? It is to me. Ideally it would be a sparrow or a morning dove (the latter being my favorite bird because I love their song).

I found this article yesterday and I’m totally going to do this from now on.