Weird. I just noticed that my belly button feels funny. The top of it is stretched so the skin feels strangely taut. It’s almost as if I could make music if I started plucking it like a banjo. Hmm. Maybe I’ll try that when I get home tonight! Does anyone have a guitar pick I could borrow?

Speaking of expanding bellies, I met with a trainer last night at the gym. She created a weight lifting routine for me that’s safe during pregnancy. Then I followed it with 15 minutes on the elliptical (I’m starting small, people; don’t make fun.).

Note to self: Get a sports bra that fits – working out in your daily one is not pleasant. At. All.

Tonight I go to water aerobics. If I can stick to it, the weekly plan will be: Mondays and Wednesdays 30 minutes on elliptical; Tuesdays and Thursdays weight routine followed by 60 minute water aerobics. Makes me want to break out into song, “Get in shape, girl! You’ve got the feeling!”

Do you think it’s strange that I’m working out while pregnant? I don’t at all, but some people around me do. Maybe it’s a generational thing? I don’t know. My supervisor, who is in her 60s, must have lounged around in a hammock and eaten Bon Bons* while she was pregnant because she obviously doesn’t get it. She told me that when my baby is born it will be running around like crazy because of all the activity I’m doing. Another person in my office asked me why I was working out at all. She claimed that the only reason to have a healthy, thin body is to catch a mate and I clearly have already caught mine. WTF!? One: I want to be healthy and slim for ME. Two: I want to KEEP my mate and not let myself go into a huge blob, using pregnancy and childbirth as an excuse for my pudge. I’m not exercising during pregnancy to loose weight – I am aware that I’ll gain 25-35 pounds, as is recommended – but there’s nothing wrong with building up strength and endurance for the biggest physical adventure of my life: LABOR. Plus, it’ll help me loose the weight postpartum. I’m not interested in wearing these maternity clothes after the baby’s born! Sheesh.

*What the hell is a Bon Bon anyway!?


In other news, as of Sunday night, I have my toilet back. SWEET relief! Only it’s going to be pulled up off the floor again on Saturday when we have a plumber come and do stuff for us (replace toilet flange – or whatever the hell the pipe your potty screws into is called – as well as the cast iron drains in our 1950 house). Hopefully he’ll be quick about it, knowing there’s a pregnant lady in the house.