My Mom wants me to tell her when I wake up one morning and “pop” into a pregnancy-shaped body. I don’t really know if this has happened yet, but people at work sure seem to think I’ve gotten big this week. What do you think?

Also, I swear I felt the baby move on Tuesday night. We were walking into the house after attending a lovely concert via the Nashville Symphony in the park when I felt something brush up against me (but from the inside) in my lower right side. I never farted, so I’m assuming it was the baby and not gas! It was so fleeting and I haven’t felt it again, but I hope to every day.

belly shots

I can’t wait until our bathroom is done. I have to pee a lot more than you’d think – like every 40 minutes. This is getting ridiculous. Keep your fingers crossed that by Sunday afternoon I can pee in my own toilet again.

Here’s what Huz has done so far.

He ripped the old self-stick “tiles” off and the ugly ass linoleum underneath that.

Old linoleum ripped out

Then he laid down the cement board (or back board).


Then he laid out the tiles for measuring and cutting.


Neville helped.

Daddy's Helper

Then he spent a few frustrating hours cutting tiles with a scoring cutter which resulted in fatigue and broken tiles. The next morning he rented a wet saw from Home Depot. I’ve never heard him express so much joy over power tools in my life. Who
is this man (and look at all the pictures he took of his new love)!?


Then he put down mortar.


And placed the tiles down.

Tile Layed on Mortar

This is how it must remain undisturbed for 24 hours. Then he can grout it, leave it alone for another 24 hours, and then quickly reinstall the toilet for my peeing pleasure.

Go Huz!

Hey, Handyman! Where you been all my life?