I still need to add this past weekend’s 16th week picture, but here’s a belly update for you.


I’ve been having lots of round ligament pain with the stretching of the uterus. The kid must be getting big in there! I still feel good, have energy, am happy (now that I have my stock of Rocky Road), and am wearing maternity clothes now because I’m more comfy in them.

We registered for gifts on Sunday which we’ve never done before. It was great fun going around the store and zapping things with the scanner. We chose Target and Babies R Us and hope we get some of the things we’re really going to need (stroller, swing, bottles, etc. etc.). Actually, it’s mind boggling how much stuff there is, though I know a lot of it is just a marketing tactic. So we tried to chose things that we think we’ll need and not frivolous stuff that will just clutter up the house. We both had emotional moments during our day together. Huz teared up and hugged me in Target when we were looking at a tiny, little onsie because he realized that we are actually in the process of making a tiny human that will eventually fill up that onsie. I cried at Babies R Us when Huz was trying out the jogging strollers because I realized that he will be a committed, loving, involved father just like he is as a husband. I love him so much and am thrilled to bring a child into our lives.