I think my hormones are on over drive this week because, so far, pretty much everything has driven me irrationally mad. For example:

1. I get annoyed by the pregnancy counter on the top of my blog because it makes me feel like I’m behind schedule when I’m really not. Did you notice last week’s? It said I could find out gender on week 15. Excuse me? From all I’ve read and heard, that can’t be done until around 20 weeks, retard! I’m scheduled for an ultra sound on June 8th and will share the news then. And now this week’s is saying that I’ll feel kicking this week. Now I know it’s the rare case that someone can feel kicks this early, but come on! Most don’t sense any kind of movement or “fluttering” until 18-24 weeks. Why get my hopes up like that!?

2. I was eating dinner with Huz the other night and found the sound of him chewing cucumbers the most loud, obnoxious, and offensive sound I’ve ever experienced in my life. I plugged my ears so I didn’t have to hear it. Really mature and rational, huh?

3. I went for blood work this morning at the Midwife Center and was extremely aggravated by the huge preggos pushing their way ahead of me as I waited at the front desk for someone to check me in (apparently you’re just supposed to fill out a card and go sit down without any interaction, but I didn’t know that). Then I was annoyed because they called me back up to complete the form that I didn’t fill out properly since I was just there last week and my address, phone number, and emergency contact haven’t changed. Duh. But they want you to fill it out anyway every single time. That’s lame. Then I was annoyed by having to wait nearly 30 minutes for a 2 minute procedure (stick needle in arm and remove blood. The End.). Gah!

Pray for my husband.