Here’s me at 12 weeks on my way to the now infamous Baby Fair.

12 weeks

Here’s me this morning at 13 weeks.

13 wks

And here’s us with our grand prize – a light wood crib and a 6 piece bedding set.

Our Grand Prize: Crib and Bedding Set

We thought the frog set was cute, but I was smitten with one called “Critter Chatter” and swapped for that one instead. So excited! We have to borrow a truck tomorrow and go get the crib because it was humongous and wouldn’t fit in our Saturn.

I had my first strange pregnancy dreams last night. (I wonder if it was caused by my few sips of German beer at the Gerst Haus with friends last night? Now that was quite an adventure, what with the $8 pitchers of beer, the really good German food, and the raucous band full of 60-somethings donned in lederhosen and dirndls, playing accordions, ringing cowbells, playing the “chicken dance” multiple times and making all of us get up and dance in a huge circle around the dining room. What a hoot!) Anyway, I wonder if this had anything to do with my dreams. I think most definitely.

My first one was this: I had to rush to work to set up a lecture or something, so Huz had to go to the hospital and deliver the baby because I was too busy. I got mad after 2 hours went by and he hadn’t called me with an update, so I called him and demanded to know whether we had a boy or a girl. “A girl” he said. I cried and was thrilled.

The second one was this: I was learning to breast feed the baby, which was very difficult because I was trying the cross-cradle hold with my right hand and was using my left hand to shove my breast into the baby’s mouth (which inevitably wasn’t opened wide enough). After much trial and error, it seemed to finally be working. That is until the “baby” took a drink, gagged, and crawled away on all fours barfing like a frat boy after a rocking party. So that made me feel like my milk was poison and I was a failure at motherhood. Oh, and then Cambridge came up and bit my nipple.

Weird, huh!?!?!