So my prenatal water aerobics class was awesome. Indeed I was the smallest one there which did make me feel better about the flabby gut I was sporting in a bikini, however I decided I must go get a better suit if I’m to continue going (which I want to). Why? Because you jog a lot in water aerobics and the sisters wanted to be free. Too free. So I’m off to Target (and maybe a maternity store, though the inflated prices will probably deter me) this weekend to find a good maternity tankini that will hold everything in place whilst jogging around in a pool. The class had around 7 women (one due in 4 weeks, another in 5, another in 6, and one in 4 months). I worked out hard and it felt great.

When I got home from the class I was headed straight for the bathroom because I now have to pee all the freaking time. But right as I was walking in, my cell phone rang. I answered it, despite the unfamiliar number, and I’m so glad I did. See, I went to a baby fair with a girlfriend last weekend and it was a crazy, busy place packed to the gills with women in all their big ol’ bump glory (I felt out of place and wanted a big ol’ bump, but it will come – probably far sooner than I think). There were lots of vendors there (formula representatives, baby announcement companies, Baby Depot, Babies R’ Us, breast pump companies, etc.) and lots of mailing lists to be joined, which I did with abandon in the event that I’ll get some coupons or win a free breast pump or something. The lady on the phone introduced herself as Leslie from Nashville’s ‘Parent’ magazine and said that I won something at the recent fair. “I did!?!” I yelled, “I never win anything!” She went on to describe how she chose a cute gender-neutral bedding set at Baby Depot for the giveaway and that I was the proud new owner of the frog-filled set. Awesome!

Then she went on to tell me that I won a whole freaking crib too! YYIIIIPPPPEEEEE!!! Those things are so expensive ($500 in prizes she said) and now I’ve got it for FREE! I’m so excited!!! 🙂 🙂 I could hardly contain myself and Huz wasn’t home (evening class), so I ran outside and told my elderly neighbor, Don, who was out on his patio with his girlfriend. They were happy for me, as were my Dad, Grandma, and Mom whom I called afterwards. I’m still so stoked today. What a blessing! 🙂

[I think the bedding set is this one, but I’m not sure until I go to the store to get it. Can’t wait!]