I’m going to take a big gulp and don a bikini after work tonight. Oh baby. My flabby gut (not pregnant looking yet – just like I have 2 intertubes under my flesh) in a bikini? Hot! It’s for a pre-natal swim class. I hope I’ll be the skinniest one there because I sure as hell don’t feel attractive in a bikini these days. Wish me luck. I hope it’ll be fun and that I can get back in shape – it’s been over 3 months since I did anything! But, thankfully, I’m feeling like my old self again (minus the chunky waist, huge sore boobs, and afternoon fatigue) and need to start working on my strength for the delivery. I’m also going to check out a midwife center on campus this Friday because although I like my OB at Baptist Hopsital, I’m freaking out about finances and am thinking the 10% I’d have to pay after insurance is going to be a lot better than 20% at Baptist. I’d never consider a midwife center if drugs weren’t an option, which apparently they are. I just feel like I have no idea what I’m getting into and how much pain I can handle, so I want the option if I really need it. I also would value a one on one relationship with a midwife and the mobility that a birthing center affords (using a birthing ball, walking around, getting into a whirlpool) rather than being strapped on my backside the whole time – that seems counter-intuitive. We’ll see. It may be too granola for me; I’ll let you know what I decide.