How do you pronounce smorgasbord? Like most people, you probably pronounce it phonetically, but me? I’m a different duck. Oh yes. I like to add a “sh” sound to things: smorgasbord is shmorgasbord; swastika is shwastika; this little guy isn’t Smeagol, he’s Shmeagol. Why? I think it’s cuter that way.


So, we’re still working on the den (Huz needs to finish installing a stubborn light fixture and do some wiring work to fix the light switch) but it looks much better than it did when we moved here. Take a look at some before and afters.

den - paneling to be paintedStudy Not Quite Done But Getting There

Neville can’t wait for the baby to arrive. For this reason and for this one:

Totally Offended That I Would Put This Shirt On Him

Don’t those ears just say it all? He’s totally offended that I would put the Rotan t-shirt on him, but, hey! Until I have a kid – he and Cambridge are it! He might also be a wee bit offended because his sister takes every chance she can to sniff his ass.

Totally Offended About the Shirt and About His Sister Sniffing His AssTotally Offended About the Shirt and About His Sister Sniffing His Ass

And every opportunity to wrestle with him, especially when he’s stuck in a t-shirt.


So he high-tailed it out of there.


And went to plead with Huz to take it off of him.


He rolled around on the floor a bit while I laughed hysterically and took pictures before he just kind of laid there in surrender. That’s when I took it off. I’m going to make a great mom, eh?


I found a great thing called a Bella Band. It’s a looped piece of elastic-like fabric that hides the fact that your not-yet-huge pregnant belly can’t fit into your regular pants. I haven’t buttoned my pants in about 2 weeks now, but because of this great invention, nobody knows. It’s like I’m Raymond’s Dad, but classier. Thanks Bella Band!

Bella Band - 10 WeeksBella Band - 10 WeeksBella Band - 10 Weeks

Finally, another belly shot. This is me this morning, fresh out of bed*. I’m 11 weeks along.

11 Weeks - Just Out of Bed

*Yes, I wear a sports bra to bed. I have to, man! These things hurt SO BAD that I’ve got to keep them strapped to my body at night. Until you’ve been there, you have no idea (plus, the progesterone pills exacerbate it). Ow.