I’m in a much better mood than the last time I posted. Sorry about that. I hope you all had a lovely Easter Sunday; we enjoyed church in the morning and then a great dinner at a friend’s house with about 12 people total. There was much food to be enjoyed, including: a delicious leg of lamb with a blueberry jalepeno reduction, a whole turkey, a decadent hashbrown casserole, asparagus with balsamic and shallot glaze (our contribution), roasted carrots with honey and orange sauce (our contribution), yummy garlic bread (my newest craving), creamed corn, and a lovely dessert that was a layered chocolate cake with tons of whipped cream and crumbled Heath bar on top. Yum. Even though I couldn’t sip wine with everyone else I still enjoyed stuffing my face with some good food and enjoyed the great company. There was a couple there who just had a baby 10 days ago and both Huz and I held her a few times. She was only 6.2 lbs – tiny, tiny – and Huz cried when he held her, realizing how real it is to make a person and how soon this will happening to us. It was a beautiful moment.

One week and one day until I’m done with my first trimester and I can say bye bye to progesterone pills. YIPPEEEEE!