Hey kids. How you been? I am so ready to celebrate (and we must, I tell you!) getting off progesterone pills in a week and a half. Yippee! I went to the mall with a friend last night and, I tell you, it about wore me out. I didn’t get home until 7:30 and for the last hour of the trip I pretty much sat on a bench in the dressing room. Oh well, I got 3 things that made it worth it (other than spending time with my friend, of course): a $10 tan hoodie sweater from the Gap (and thanks to today’s sudden drop in temperature – 46 high – I’m wearing it), a cute green Spring top from Banana Republic that was 40% off, and a brown t-shirt that isn’t supposed to be a maternity shirt (from Forever 21 – a very young person store) but totally is. My friend dropped me off and I took my progesterone pill, ate a strange dinner (french fries and edamame), watched the Office and passed out on the couch at some point. All I remember is Huz coming home from a late class and helping me into bed.

You know what I hate? I hate it when I hear people say that they aren’t having kids now because they don’t have enough money when I know that they make A LOT more than we do. Ugh! You’re not boosting my confidence over here!


I got a lovely package in the mail yesterday from my Mom – actually, it was mostly for the baby. The child’s not even fully formed yet and is getting presents! An adorable hand-knitted sweater and hat set (hot pink…hmm, wonder who wants a girl), a tiny t-shirt from Honduras where she just went on vacation, a duck costume (for next Halloween, clearly), a stuffed bunny rabbit (Easter present), and this awesomely titled cream. I did get something in the box – 2 organic pregnancy teas and a couple of books. This one and this one. The latter one talks about being Psycho Chick and how everyone just really pisses you off easily when you’re pregnant and, man on man, I have to confess: that’s totally how I am.

You’re driving poorly? I declare you a shit head, mother fucker. You constantly talk to yourself at a desk 2 feet away from me all day? Shut your freaking trap and learn to think inside of your head like the rest of us do, woman! You’re skinny and have nice legs? Get the hell away from me, ho bag.

Yikes, huh?