I’m only a fourth of the way through this pregnancy. It feels like it’s going so slooooowly. Maybe it’s because I’m not really showing and I can’t feel the baby move yet, but this is taking forever, man! I’m also REALLY tired today – like a whole new level of tired, and that is really saying something because I’ve been tired from the day I found out I was pregnant (well, I was tired before but thought it was from all the work on the new house). Perhaps it’s because today is baby’s graduation day: graduation from being an embryo to a fetus. What an accomplishment, little guy! You have all of your organs now. Good job! This also means that I only have to take those nasty progesterone pills for 2 more weeks (thank GOD). Wanna see how hot I look while sedated on them? It’s kind of scary, I’m just warning you.

Sedated on Progesterone Pills

Isn’t that lovely? I’m just a real hoot and party animal every night at about 9p.m., oh you bet! Poor Huz. Poor, poor Huz. They say it’ll get better in the 2nd trimester – we’re both holding our breath.

Here’s my chubby gut a week and a half ago. (I know I’m putting myself down, but it just looks chubby to me, not pregnant.)

8 1/2 Weeks

Good times, friends, good times.