I want to reiterate that I in no way mean to judge those of you (some are my friends) who believe in attachment parenting. Perhaps the three videos I linked to were on the extreme side (these are the only ones I’ve seen) and THAT is what I am reacting to. I’m all for carrying the baby in a sling and for breastfeeding (I don’t, however, think I want to do co-sleeping). Also, I totally understand the need for a child to breastfeed and find it a beautiful thing (I quite look forward to it for the bonding aspect, as well as for the antibody/nutrition aspect for the baby), but I feel that after a year or so the act becomes more for the parent than the child. I agree whole-heartedly with Stuffinghead’s comment – there is a time for a baby to be a baby and a time for a child to be a child. That said, I’ve never done it and have no idea what it will actually be like for me or for my child. Further, I have to return to work after 3 months, so that very well with dictate how long I can do it (will try pumping during this time).

All I know is that I agree with how my Mom did it – once they bite me, that’s it!! 😉