I’m hungry all the time it seems. Two hours after eating breakfast I’m ready for another one. Two hours after eating my lunch I’m ready for another one. It hits me in the middle of the night too. When I wake up at 3:00a.m. to take my progesterone pill I have to eat a few saltines from my nightstand to calm my stomach. Whenever I do, Neville comes galloping in from wherever he may be in the house (usually the windowsill next to my head or somewhere outside of the bedroom) and shoves his entire body into my face, essentially forcing me to share my saltines with him. Which I do. Do you know how cute the sound of a cat crunching on saltines is? Very.

We did a lot of work on the den this weekend in an effort to just be done with it. I caulked the crown molding (cuz I’m better at it) and we both painted the baseboard, crown molding, window and doors. ALL DAY LONG. I was so tired that by 3p.m. I just sort of collapsed.

Yesterday Huz installed the floor to ceiling shelving that I bought from The Container Store (luckily during their annual sale) and it looks awesome. I neglected to take pictures, but I will, my darlings, I will. Then we hung curtains, cleaned up the house, and had our first guests over for coffee and dessert. We had 2 couples over who live nearby and we had a great time sitting out on our patio enjoying brownies and ice cream, libations (for most but me, obviously), and the guys (and some of the girls, in fact) smoked cigars (Huz received a congratulatory one from a colleague when he announced that we were having a Snail). It was a lovely evening.