Hey kids. I stayed at home sick today because when the alarm when off at 6:00 I felt like it was 2:00 – as if I hadn’t slept at all yet. I think the progesterone pill was late in hitting me and I was still fully in its coma-like stupor. So I figured, what the hell? I’m in my first trimester! I deserve a day off when I need it, right? So I called in at 8:00 and promptly went back to sleep for another glorious 2 hours. Ahhhh.

I just ate a banana for my second breakfast; well, that and the other half of the bagel I had earlier this morning. Pregnancy has turned me into a hobbit, I guess, because I am incapable of eating just one breakfast: I must eat two. It started the day I got my ultrasound (last Tuesday). I ate a bagel and some cantaloupe before leaving the house at the crack of dawn for my 7:45 appointment and by the time the appointment was over (of course, they did take 6 vials of my blood) I was famished. So I called and told the great news to my Dad in the parking lot of The Pancake Pantry and I called and told my sister and grandma at the table waiting for my delicious pecan waffles to come out of the kitchen. Man, I’m making myself hungry all over again!

Anyway, I thought I’d share a picture of Snail with you, so you can make your acquaintances and so you can see why I call him/her Snail.

Snail (5 weeks 6 days)

See? The round yolk sack looks like a snail shell on his/her back. The other
part (the body/heart) was only 3mm at the time of this picture and was beating like crazy (good sign!).

We introduced Cambie to Snail, but at first she was more interested in kissing Huz’s hand.

Snail Introductions

Then she really seemed to examine Snail, as if looking to see if it was going to be a boy or a girl.

Snail Introductions

Either way, she said she’d be happy as long as her new sibling lets Miss Princess sleep. (Great shot by Huz.)

The Princess

Meanwhile, Neville was oblivious to the introductions because he was busy being a Sheet Lump Critter.

Sheet Lump Critter Coming Out of Hiding