I feel guilty. See, my OB called me 2 weeks ago and told me that my blood work came back showing low progesterone. So I have to take 2 progesterone pills a day until I’m 12 weeks. Of course I panicked and googled “low progesterone pregnancy” and proceeded to panic some more because it all points to miscarriage (many people feel that one shouldn’t look up health issues on the internet because of the scare factor and possible bad information, but it’s just so damn tempting, people!). I’m feeling better about it all now because, 1. they caught it really early (my 5th week) and, 2. my cousin emailed me and said the same thing happened to her and she just had a healthy baby 2 months ago. Phew. The problem is that these little pills knock me out, like major time. I’ll take one and like clockwork I pass out in exactly 2 hours for 2 hours. I took one last night at 7p.m. and entered a dreamless comatose from 9-11p.m. Poor Huz. I never see him anymore – sure, he sees me (asleep on the couch or the bed), but that’s not exactly quality time. We’ve got to figure this out so we can actually converse and, you know, other stuff. Wish us luck in that department. For now, I set my new dual alarm clock for 3a.m. and pop a pill and go back to sleep until 6a.m. when I get up and go to work.

Anyone out there have low progesterone in their pregnancy? Can you share with me?