(First, is anyone else having trouble accessing blogger through Firefox? I’ve tried for the last 2 days and just get error messages.)

Anyway, an update on the house:

We move this SATURDAY! OMG! We still have so much packing to do, it’s not even funny. The good news is that we’ve got most of the work done – Huz finished the living room ceiling and got one coat of paint on the walls a few days ago. Hopefully he’ll find the time to do the last coat so we don’t have to worry about it for a while. We’ll just have to paint the trim throughout the house once we live there – no more time to get it done before Saturday. The hardwood floor was delivered to the house yesterday and sat overnight to acclimate and is being laid today. I’m so excited to see this because the room will be utterly transformed at that point and all of our hard work will be realized in a nice, new, gleaming room!

Wish us luck with the big move – that we’ll get enough help and that it will go smoothly and that nothing will break. Thanks!