Good – The popcorn ceiling results just got back in – no asbestos! Great! Now I have to decide if we want to tackle the messy job of scraping it down or pay somebody to do it (probably the former because of the dwindling moolah in our accounts).

Bad – The car wouldn’t start this morning and Huz had to drop it off at the shop. Let us hope it’s nothing major and won’t be too expensive. Lord knows all of our extra funds are going to the house right now.

Good – My massage last night was great (painful because I’m so sore, but overall very good and relaxing). My dinner party was also fun – thanks to all my friends who were there and showed your love for me!

Bad – I have more painting to do and homework for photography class, but the car’s in the shop. I’m stuck. Ack!

[Update: Phew! It was only a temperature sensor causing the car trouble. Total damage = $131. Not terrible.]