1. We bought a house on Friday. It was awesome. We signed papers for a while, got a present from our realtor ($50 gift certificate to a new cafe by our favorite local chef), hugged her and went back to the house that is OURS. I got carried over the threshold and kissed Huz in our new living room. Awesome.

2. We worked all weekend long on caulking, priming, and painting wood paneling and brick in the den. I never want to see paneling or brick again. EVER. We’re only about half way done with this room, I’m afraid. We still need to repaint the kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway, and bathroom. We also need to replace light fixtures throughout the house and retile the bathroom and fireplace. Oy.

So tired. Every muscle hurts. Every bone aches.

Here’s some photos of our work on the den:

Old school brick fireplace:

den - fireplace to be painted

Old school wood paneling (How can people like this stuff? They do, though, because when I told someone at work about all the work we had done this weekend, they were shocked that we’d paint over paneling because, “That’s expensive and you can’t get it anymore!” For good reason, my friend, for good reason.)

den - paneling to be painted

On advice from the Sherwin Williams guy, who had done it to his own den, I caulked every seam in the paneling so that when it expands it won’t crack the paint. Do you have any idea how many seams there are in this room? So many, so very, very many.

Caulking Every.Single.Seam on Panelling SUCKSCaulking Every.Single.Seam on Panelling SUCKS

Huz primed the brick while I caulked (Yes, there were many a caulk/cock joke being thrown around all day. I was much better at handling the cock than he. *Snicker*).

Priming Brick

I wish there were some dramatic “After” photos for you, but you you will have to settle with thesee “Half Way Through” shots intead. After caulking and priming the walls, I painted them a lovely mocha brown yesterday. Huz fought with the electrical stuff all day and took down the old, ugly ceiling fans, replacing them with some nice fixtures.

MochaMocha walls/white fireplaceNewly painted wall and fixture
Now we need to get the popcorn ceiling removed (we’re waiting for the sample we took to the asbestos lab to come back). I don’t know if I’m up for the task, as I’ve heard it’s a very messy job, so we may have to pay someone to do it. Luckily it’s only in the den and the living room. Then we are getting hardwoods put in the den to match the rest of the house.

3. It’s my birthday today. I’m 31, but feel 61 due to the hardwork all weekend. Huz just booked me a massage after work so I can relax and hopefully get these muscles feeling a bit better before dinner with about a dozen friends tonight. Ah, feel the love! Now, if only some of these friends would offer to help us paint, I’d be a happy camper! 😉