I did exactly as I set out to do yesterday: NOTHING. I did so much nothing that I got a guilt complex this morning and made sure I did something productive today, lest I feel like a big, fat loser. I’m still sick, but getting better – just doing some really loud, annoying hacking every now and then (just ask Huz – this weekend he told me that I have the loudest cough of anyone he knows – thanks). Despite this, I still accomplished all of the following today:

1. Got up early.
Thanks Neville. I love cuddling in bed with you too, but must you jump up and land with one paw on my eyeball!? Oh, and thanks Huz for elbowing me in the nose. Sheesh. The men in my life are obviously out to get me.

2. Researched wall-mounted book shelves for our new den. (They’re really expensive, but so far the most affordable appear to be Elfa at The Container Store. They’re 30% off but not for much longer. I wonder if we’ll close on the house before the sale ends?)
I loathe the mismatching bookshelves in our current study and would love to have floor to ceiling shelves for all of Huz’s books. You’ll never guess how many feet of books we own together. Go on, guess.

20 feet? ha! Surely you jest. Try again.

50 feet? Wrong again.

We’ve got 65 feet of books, people. SIXTY-FIVE and growing. Damn, that’s a lot of books and ain’t no bookshelf or two gonna do it. We have 5 of them now and tons of books stacked on the floor. Hate it.

3. Ate a piece of pizza for breakfast because Huz ate the last bagel and we have had no food in the house all week (thank goodness for payday).

4. Chose some recipes, made a list, and went grocery shopping. I thought skipping church and going to the store on a Sunday morning would lend me a quiet, vacant store; I was wrong.

5. Decided to cook a bunch of food so that we’ll have leftovers for lunch and dinner all week (which allows me to be lazy after getting home from work and after-work appointments because you know I’ll be on the couch watching American Idol and Top Chef, don’t you?).

a. Made a huge pot of meaty ragu sauce from a new Italian cookbook.

b. Made a huge pot of butternut squash soup with pureed roasted red pepper sauce and goat cheese (and bought a nice big loaf of Italian bread to go with it).

6. Did 3 loads of laundry and made the bed with the newly laundered sheets.
I must tell you how difficult it is to make a bed in my house. See, I’ve got critters.
Sheet Lump Critters
. These things make a habit of getting on the bed as soon as I attempt to lay down a fresh sheet. Every time.

Oh? Clean and hairless sheets, Mom? Let us take care of that for you!

Roll around.
Shed some more.

Meanwhile I’m trying my darndest to work around the Sheet Lump Critters and to smooth and tuck in the sheets. Once that’s complete, I pull the comforter on top and put the pillows in their place – lumps underneath and all. I pretend they aren’t there and go on with life. So if you ever happen to come over to my house, please don’t think that I don’t make the bed. I do, I’ve just got Sheet Lump Critters is all. They don’t do much harm, other than ruin the aesthetics of the bed and jump in your eyeball at 6 in the morning.