I had the pleasure of going to get my annual you know what today. Don’t you just love getting those done? What with the intrusive spreading of the legs and palpating in parts that nobody’s supposed to palpate? Ugh. At least my Dr. was cool. I was referred to her by a co-worker who is a Dr. herself, so you know she’s got to be good. She was very down to earth and easy to talk to and gave me several pointers for this conception business, so we’ll give that a try. She said call her in 3 months if nothing happens, which sounds like she’s pretty confident that something will happen in 3 months. Knock on wood.

The office was nice, as was all of the staff (especially the jolly chap who drew blood to check my thyroid – he was fantastic.), but I was very uncomfortable sitting in the waiting room. I had to force myself to look down at a magazine while I waited because I found it really hard not to cry when I looked at all of the pretty, plump, pregnant bellies around me. Strange, because I don’t walk around every day thinking about this and feeling bad about it, but I had a deep, visceral response to all the expecting mothers around me. It made me feel empty inside.

I hope getting my mind off of it and looking forward to buying a house will help. It’d be a pretty amazing few months if we bought our first home and were expecting too. One can hope.