I think I’m in shock right now.

Here’s the rundown: Friday we went out with our realtor (great woman who knows her stuff and easily picks up on what you like and don’t like, both in neighborhoods and homes) for 2 hours to see some neighborhoods and a few houses I had liked online. On Saturday she drove us around for 4 hours and looked at 20 houses she chose from a list of about 200 in our price range and size requirements. It was dizzying and a little frustrating as we realized that our price range was either going to give us a refurbished house (usually a flip) in a crappy neighborhood or an old house needing a ton of work in a decent neighborhood. But then it happened. We drove into a nice neighborhood and walked into a house that just sung, “this is it!” to both of us. It’s been on the market for less than a week, is in our price range, is the perfect size for us, has an open kitchen which will be great for entertaining, has an large den with a fireplace for the library/study, two bedrooms, hardwood floors, and a giant back yard perfect for outdoor parties (and a swing set if that other dream of ours happens soon enough).

We slept on it and went back to see it yesterday. We talked to a neighbor (who’s the “new kid on the block,” having only lived there for 17 years, and who knows everyone on the block by first name), listened the to birds chirp, went in again and got some friends’ opinions, then made an offer.


Did you read that right? We made an offer on a house. A whole, entire house. Me. Huz. We made an offer on a house yesterday.


I cannot believe we did this already, but we did. We bid low, as our realtor advised, so we’d have some wiggle room when they countered, which they did last night. It’s a very reasonable counter and the contract was just signed about a half an hour ago. Oh.My.God. I cannot believe it’s all coming together so quickly. I know not to get too excited yet, as this all will change if our inspection the day after tomorrow doesn’t go well, but right now I’m in an excited, yet subdued shock daze.

Somebody pinch me!