If anyone was ever going to give me some money, now is the time.

We’re meeting a realtor this afternoon to discuss buying our first home. EEEEEEKKKKK! This is über scary, yet über exciting. I’ve wanted to buy a home for years, but haven’t been a.) in one place long enough, b.) making enough money to even think about it, and c.) in a city where it was actually possible (thank you Nashville for not being as prohibitively expensive as Chicago!). The only thing is that we don’t have a 20% down payment – more like 6-8%. And when I start thinking about closing costs and PMI and taxes and insurance, etc., etc., my heart rate rises exponentially.
And yet, it’s still really exciting.

So, if I have any rich uncles (or whatever) out there that I don’t know about…now’s your time to speak up!