Why is it that shit only happens when Huz goes away? I mean come on, really. He leaves on a conference and a freakin’ tornado comes through town, he goes on another conference and I lock myself out of my house, having to break in (which resulted in a shattered front window), he goes on another conference and a helicopter circles my neighborhood looking for some kind of criminal or something (the police just told me to lock my doors and windows – wow, that’s comforting)…and now? Now I get a flat tire on my way to a job interview yesterday evening. Ugh. I managed to fill it with air, go to my interview, and then drop it off at a garage this morning. And I wasn’t even late to work, thanks to a ride from a friend. So I guess I can handle this stuff alone. Go me!

Meanwhile, Huz is at home in Colorado enjoying the blizzard that I’m missing!!! 😦
As long as my plane can get in okay Friday morning, I’ll be happy.