1. Happy first adoption birthday to my little big boy Neville cat! He brings much love to my life, especially in the mornings when I receive my daily dose of purrs and pet-me attention. Having two cats has been great – they both have completely different personalities and they interact with Huz and I and each other in unique ways. I love you Nevsie the Ten Pound (or more) Wonder!

Him playing with his birthday gift.

Birthday Boy

Cambridge doing her sisterly duty, though she looks pretty grumpy kissing him.

Kiss For the Birthday Boy

2. Last night’s sunset – just for our anniversary!

TN Sunset

3. I must add this purse (in camel) to my wish list because I just saw it at Dillard’s and fell in love! It’s gorgeous, soft, plush, and looks great on my arm. It’s full price at Dillard’s so this sale price is much better (still ridiculous, I know, but better).