Current mood: tired and a little pissed off.

First of all, I just sat through a staff meeting wherein the head hancho there started spouting off about how good looking the latest batch of female applicants are (he was the only male in the meeting) and everyone there (except for me) freakin’ agreed with him and joked about it for like 10 minutes. WTF!? That has nothing to do with their abilities and should have no sway whatsoever in their being placed here or not. Also? Has anyone in this supposed cosmopolitan city ever heard of feminism or being politically correct!? I guess not. Grrrr. (To the feminists out there, how would you have dealt with this situation? Would you sit there and look at your lap? I did.)

Secondly, I’m tired of hearing people around me sigh and complain about how overworked they are and how they have to stay on the weekends when all they really do is shop online during working hours AND they get a freakin’ salary that I’m sure is WELL above my petty hourly one. So quit or shut up and deal! Grrrr.

Thirdly, orcas are WILD animals. Being forced to do the same tricks day in and day out for the DisneyLand-esque consumerist, spectacle-loving, entertain-me-now crowd would make me bite someone too. Duh! Don’t act so surprised people. A wild animal is a wild animal no matter how much you anthropomorphize it.